Wednesday, May 27

No more TO?!- Terrence Oglesby to Europe

So it has come to this. The player everyone loves (to hate), etc. is going to Europe.
Really, this is quite odd.

Here is the story from The State. He apparently will be headed to Italy.

This will be a bit hit for the Tigers. Who is going to step up to match the intensity and outside shooting of TO?

One key bit of information in The State story:
Purnell is on vacation and unavailable for comment, a school spokesman said. Attempts to reach Oglesby were unsuccessful.
Man it up TO. Wait to make this announcement when OP is in town. Talk, etc.

Things have become interesting in this slow off season now. I wonder if any recruits will step up or will now be in the mix.

Hmm, More Later.

Go Tigers!

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