Wednesday, May 27

Clemson Basketball: Oglesby leaving: links

"It's true that Terrence is leaving Clemson and the expectation that he's signing with someone in Europe," Purnell said. "It hasn't been finalized yet or he hasn't gotten an agent. But he felt there were opportunities out there for him in either Spain or Italy."
Fox Sports
"That[money] had nothing to do with it," said Oglesby, whose family is more than comfortable financially. "It had everything to do with living the dream of playing pro basketball. I'm lucky to get the opportunity. It's exciting."
Anderson Independent
“I left the guys out to dry,” he said afterward in the Clemson locker room. “I was sitting back here watching the game and the team showed a lot of heart bringing it back. I just wish they could have kept going. It’s a miserable feeling knowing you can’t do anything about it.”
And this decision is supposed to rectify the end of the year performance?

Time to move forward.
Go Tigers!

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