Tuesday, July 21

Clemson Basketball Preview, review.

Here is the link to the Raleigh News & Observer Clemson Basketball preview- Scroll down for the Tigers.

Per the article itself, the Clemson component of the article said very little concerning the Tigers, new or otherwise. Some of the obvious concerns are mentioned- 3 point shooting next year, big men without outside help, etc.

However, this highly professional line from the minus column says little about this year's team and generally speaks of the past rather than the future.
Clemson being Clemson. The Tigers haven’t won an NCAA tournament game since 1997, and like their 0-for-forever streak in Chapel Hill, that has to wear on you.
I think the best analysis comes not from the article itself, but from national recruiting director of Scout.com, Dave Telep in his assessment of three of the incoming freshmen- less Noel Johnson.

Devin Booker: "Chip off his brother's block. His body is really solid, he has got the goods around the hoop. If his motor runs like his brother's, look out."

Jennings: "A smooth big guy, he's part of the new era of power forward who starts from the outside and works his way in."

Hill: "This kid comes into college with a chip on his shoulder. Fresh off a great senior year, he’s not highly touted but he’s been highly effective. Blue collar kid."

So, here's the wrap: the article is interesting if you want to learn about the woes of being Paul Hewitt, or of the greatness of Coach K, otherwise, skip it. If you just can't wait and want to learn as much about each team as possible, go ahead.

And, is it just me, or does anyone else think Stitt is ready to step up his game. He, like the rest of the team, is flying under the radar. Last year the ACC had so many highly touted guards, Stitt seemed just acceptable. While his game might or might not translate to the NBA in the future, he has the ability and now the experience of playing against many of the nation's elite guards. If his game keeps improving, that would only help us more.

Go Tigers!

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