Monday, July 20

Early ACC previews

I was a bit disappointed with the predictions from today's Raleigh News and Observer. I think the authors know next year will be up in the air for many around the league.

1. Duke UNC
2. UNC Duke
3. BC BC
4. Maryland Georgia Tech
6. Georgia Tech Maryland
7. Clemson Wake Forest
8. Virginia Clemson
9. Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
10. Wake Forest N.C. State
11. N.C. State Virginia
12. Miami Miami

Obviously placing Duke and UNC at the top and NC State at the bottom will provide some message board material for the locals in the Triangle.

Tomorrow the N&O will preview Clemson. I'm sure the text will involve how we would have been ranked higher, but Oglesby left, etc. This will be some of the first analysis outside of the Clemson bubble for the Tigers. The article should mention the recruiting windfall of Noel Johnson as a hopeful replacement the shooting of KC/TO.

The article will deal with Booker, little Booker, and the strength of the inside game. The article will discuss the variables and unknowns on the team.

Football season hasn't started yet and I already excited for Basketball Season.

Go Tigers!

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