Friday, November 20

Clemson Tigers Defeat UNCG 89-67

The OP Stat of the Game: Milton Jennings. 14 points, 16 min

While it isn't as exciting as the UNC loss to Syracuse, 87-71, over on ESPN2, the win is the 2nd away win of the season. The Big East is looking strong thus far, the ACC, not so much, as two ranked ACC teams have lost.

Per the Tigers have shown resilience and versatility this year. Yes, Booker is still getting the job done with his 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 steals. But, in each of the previous games the role players have stepped up.

Tonight was no different. This time, Milton Jennings stepped up with 14 points and David Potter followed his career performance with an 11 point game.

But what about Andre Young? When is he going to start? He is out-playing, hustling, and just plain playing better than Stitt. Maybe bring Young into the starting lineup will get Stitt back in the game. He is better than he is playing, but is looking like he didn't work as hard as needed this summer. Young, Smith, Potter, Booker, and the Freshman on the other hand, looked like they did work.

Our team identity is still developing, as we were not entirely into the game early. That lack of total dedication throughout will lead to early holes we will have to deal with.

Tonight is game three in the tune-up phase, Winthrop is up next. And while they are not as strong without Gregg Marshall, they are still a primarily Basketball-oriented school. They will, hopefully, serve as the intermediate before we open up an against major, BCS opponent in Texas A&M.

Some kinks, especially defensively, will have to be worked out if we plan on playing late into March. This is probably not a concern yet, as it is early, but just something to keep an eye on.

OP addressed the lack of defensive commitment during the game, and hopefully the players will continue to respond.

Its almost tailgate time!

Go Tigers!

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