Monday, December 14

Clemson's Booker singlehandedly defeats Furman

The OP Stat of the Game: Trevor Booker 12-15 FG, 14 reb

Ok, so it wasn't much of a game in terms of offense at times, as the Tigers looked cold from anywhere outside of the paint.

Nonetheless, it was nice to seem the team feed and feed off of T. Booker. Yes, the opponent was Furman. I know. However, just getting into the rhythm and practice of working through Booker says a lot about this team's resilience.

I am glad the Tigers did not let up. The Paladins are not the Illini, but I think the Tigers could still be emotionally fragile and any letdown could be a potential problem.

OP thinks the same: “As a team, we came out and played hard [in the second half]. We started with energy and we finished with energy. That has only been a problem once that I can think of, and hopefully we learned that lesson against Illinois.”

Again Stitt stepped up with 6/1 Ast/TO and 3 steals. He is becoming a more complete player as this young season begins to progress.

Also, it was nice to see Milt Jennings and Noel Johnson get some meaningful minutes. They are both solid players, but have to work through their tentative play. Johnson seemed to be opportunistic with his shots, while Jennings was more selective. Both players showed improvement.

Devin Booker is developing and improving on a more rapid pace in the OP system than the other freshmen, and his play will only help open things up for his brother, and thus the rest of the team

What about Narcisse? Remember Anaheim? Hmm. Something is up, I don't know what it is.

A fun time was had by well most, as OP cleared the bench at the end of the game.

Now, off to Greenville, NC to face the Pirates and their 4-5 record. Read an ECU preview of the game.

This has got to stop. UNCG, ECU.- seriously. I hope large sums of money exchanged hands or something. Because otherwise these early road games seem pointless. The competition these two teams offer does not match the benefits of playing early season road games.

The Anaheim tournament was a solid road trip. Greensboro? I guess they were able to play in the coliseum where the ACC tournament will take place. Greenville, NC- Terry Holland-TDP quid pro quo?

Go Tigers!

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