Wednesday, January 13

Clemson Basketball Throttles UNC

The OP Stat of the Game: 1 Car Crash

That is where it all started going down hill for the Tarheels.
The player(s) of the game:  Stitt and T. Booker. Stitt 20 pts, 4 ast. Booker 21 pts, 9 reb, 4 ast, 2 stl. These lines, with the contributions of other team members could beat most anyone in the ACC.

Despite being out-rebounded, the Tigers handled the taller Tarheels with, of all things, their speed. Stitt and Booker both played with a purpose and drive they had not shown for some time.

T. Booker played like this was an NBA draft camp. He demonstrated and dominated the highly touted UNC frontcourt. Ed Davis, Deon Thompson, the Wears, etc.

Some of the UNC fans tried to play down the Clemson win and poked fun at the Clemson fans rushing the court in favor of the overall record. This of course is ridiculous. The very usage of Twitter by fans, including myself, negates the existence and reliance on history. We need the NOW.

And now, UNC lost and lost BIG. They were out-played, out-hustled, out-performed on all levels. While the Charleston game could be seen as a fluke, this win for the Tigers is not. They exploited all of UNC's weaknesses.

OP did a masterful job of playing to our team's strengths and against their weaknesses. It also helped that the Tigers were hitting their 3pg, at least in the first half.

Because the opponent was UNC, the Tigers were jacked. They were ready and took advantage of a weak, tired, and injured UNC team. Nonetheless, UNC played without enthusiasm. Roy pulled all five starters on more than one occasion. This combined with killer mentality that Clemson has lacked for- I don't know- the past 3-5 years, made this game different.

Should the Tigers be able to keep this mentality, seal the deal, finish hard/strong, they have a tremendous upside, potential, and hope for March.

Now we get to see what happens when they arrive in Raleigh. NCSU just beat a ranked FSU team, so they will be ready and wary. Let's hope the Tigers don't spend too much time celebrating before Saturday's 12pm game.

More analysis to come.

Go Tigers!

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