Tuesday, January 26

Clemson drops third game in row to BC- What next?

The OP Stat of the Game: Trevor Booker, 19 pts.

Really, BC 75- Clemson 69? Three-losses-in-a-row?

Supposedly, Clemson is a ranked team.
Supposedly, Milton Jennings is a McDonald's All-American.

Well, here is the deal. I am not a McDonald's All-American, etc.
However, I can hit a layup, even in traffic, at least sometimes.

This game was painful to watch. The Tigers are clearly a better team.

However, they played like a team who really had no idea what was going on. They, according to OP, worked on determination in practice.

If I didn't know that, I would have guessed they worked on give-up-itude. Seriously.

Every time the Tigers made a shot, they did the opposite of what they are supposed to do.  Their  full court defense is predicated on making shots. When they made shots, they did not set up their defense.

Per the offense. Again, no one is stepping up. Jerai Grant decides to show up when no one else is helping, but had he done this in other games, this would not be a situation.

Andre Young did not look like a point guard. He routinely picked up his dribble before crossing half-court. And in case you didn't know, Andre Young is fast. He needs to exploit his speed to open shots and passes. Tonight, he didn't do this.

The Tigers did not make the best of their opportunities. Maybe it was because they were being toyed with by the electrical company/gods in Boston; maybe they were feeling the lack of Demontez Stitt's leadership; maybe they are just tired.

Regardless of the reason, the Tigers did not perform up to their abilities- Stitt-less, or not.

Now, they get a five day break. After tonight's game they need it, eventhough it looked like they were just playing for it.

Congratulations Tigers; next up, you get the not-so-under-the-radar hottest team in the ACC, Maryland.

Go Tigers!

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