Tuesday, April 13

Brownell Comes to Tiger Town

Clemson Basketball held a press conference this afternoon announcing Brad Brownell as the next Clemson Men's Basketball coach.

I know his name doesn't have the pinache, of say, Jeff Bzedlik, or whatever, but this could turn out to be a smart hire for Clemson.

I remember watching Brownell's UNCW teams and knew that they were a capable, disciplined, well-coached team. I know some have knocked his recruiting ability, but let's hope he is able to hire a strong recruiter to fill this void.

I feel for Dr. Ron Bradley, but I think the Shyatt debacle proved to be more than he, the athletic department, and even fans, could surmount.

It's time to move forward, no matter what you think of TDP or of any of these developments.

Go Tigers.

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Anonymous said...

Brownell is not the "engaging" guy Clemson is touting him to be. His sideline manner during games is awful, with lots of scowls and tough guy stare-downs of refs, his players, etc. He is a man-to-man defensive genius and his players ALWAYS play hard on defense, which is great. But his offensive schemes are boring, predictable and will bore the Clemson faithful to tears. And because he beats opponents to death with man to man, his players seem in shock whenever the opposing team throws a zone at them.

Truly, I saw him coach many times at UNCW when HE didn't even see the opponent's zone D until the fans were screaming at him to run a zone offense. Whenever they had to play zone offenses they were in trouble. I think Clemson fans will need to accept they need to become a strong "mid-major" style program (no one and done kids, but no one and done kids either....a talent deficit you'll never overcome). Also expect the good shooters who come into the program under Brownell to MAYBE shoot well as freshmen, but they will shoot worse in subsequent years. They miss, they look to bench, he scowls at them, and he pulls them for another kid family signed on for playing a modern day Bobby Knight (a complete dick who could never win in today's game with dispersed talent and constant family/school/media exposure.) If Knight's antics were blasted on ESPN early in his entire career he never would have been allowed to stay as long as he did, abusing all the above sub-groups. Good luck with Brad. Good luck when they see their first ACC zone!
I say Brad will last 3 years max.