Monday, July 19

Clemson Basketball news trickling out

Just yesterday, ESPN's Andy Katz published an article about Brownell entitled, "Will Brad Brownell take the Clemson Tigers to the next level?"

The article is mostly positive press for Clemson and Brownell, which of course is good, especially everyone has more attention focused on whether Kyle Parker is coming back or going out west next year.

And because Trevor was drafted in the first round and is now playing with John Wall, the national press and identity of Clemson is on more people's minds. Read: Trevor Booker is a Grown-Ass Man, from the Washingtion Post Blog and  this Trevor Booker: Washington's overlooked newcomer. Per the NBA Summer league, here is Trevor Booker's stats, in addition to past players "Uncle Cliff" Hammonds, James Mays, and Raymond "tiny wine" Sykes. Should any of the players other than Booker make an NBA team, which is doubtful, it would only help Clemson.

Nonetheless, next year has the possibility of being something special for the Tigers. They can make the best of Brownell and and program and keep it soaring to new heights. I don't know if we'll see Brownell rappel down from the rafters of Littlejohn to get the crowd going, but if knows what is good for the crowd and program, he is going to have to come up with some creative, interesting, intriguing ways of keeping people involved in Clemson Basketball.

The first option for doing so, of course, is putting a winning team on the floor. Whether they are adaptive, pressing, whatever. I think Clemson fans want and expect to win now.

And as long as Brownell isn't Shyatt v2.0 and has some success on the court, Clemson fans will continue to attend and follow basketball.

Go Tigers!

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