Monday, November 29

Clemson Basketball ACC-Big Ten vs. Michigan tomorrow night

What: Clemson Tigers v. Michigan (You know what's up.)
When: 9:00pm
Where: Littlejohn Coliseum, Clemson, SC
Watch: ESPN2
Listen: WCCP-FM

I am fresh off a west coast trip and am ready for some basketball.
Tomorrow, the Tigers look to get a meaning(less) revenge win against the team T. Oglesby elbowed in the NCAA tournament.

Now, the Clemson looks to keep up its winning- less the loss in the Virgin Islands.
Here is what the "experts" from ESPN have to say:


Bilas: Clemson -- The Tigers are at home, and Michigan hasn't won away from home.
Brennan: Clemson -- Michigan might not be as bad as we thought, but it is not good enough to beat a capable Clemson team, whose only loss was a one-point neutral-court defeat to ODU.
Fraschilla: Clemson -- Early returns about new coach Brad Brownell are positive.
Gottlieb: Michigan -- Searching for an upset here, the 1-3-1 proves tough to tame. The Wolverines appear a bit better than expected, though they will suffer in conference.
Katz: Clemson -- The Tigers, regardless of coach, are too tough at home against similar-level teams.
Leung: Clemson -- Tigers coach Brad Brownell is fitting right in and has enough weapons to win this one.
Lunardi: Clemson -- The Wolverines are a long way from being able to win at Littlejohn.
O’Neil: Clemson -- The Wolverines have done little to prove they're over what ailed them last season.
Williams: Clemson -- After losses to both Syracuse and UTEP, I don't see the Wolverines bouncing back at Littlejohn Coliseum. 

So, as you can see, Clemson will clearly lose this game. Well, let's not wish that upon the team, but it certainly seems that way- at least for the past number of years (The OP Era), but hopefully, Brownell has the Tigers out of that mentality.

It is nice to see these national analysts provide a little love for the Tigers.

Ken Pomeroy at has Clemson at 86% chance of winning tomorrow night.

Nonetheless, all I can think about is TO's elbow and subsequent selfish, possibly forced move to Europe. I don't know that he is performing all that well right now, but at least he is getting paid to play basketball.

And if you can't get excited for this ACC-big ten challenge game and basketball season in general, 

Check this out via the official site: Littlejohn- and other athletic sites- panorama video with the Tiger Band.

Go Tigers.

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