Tuesday, November 16

Clemson Tigers Defeat Wofford 78-70

I understand that Wofford is a good team, but last night's 78-70 win was much closer than I, or most who follow Clemson Basketball would have liked.

Wofford is talented enough to beat some good teams. They could have won last night. However, the resilience the team showed in not allowing that to happen was impressive. They saved the ACC from even more ridicule. With GT's loss to Kennesaw St and Wake's loss to Stetson and narrow escape against Hampton, it seems the bottom of the ACC is low and the top is high. This might alleviate some of the standard middling logjam that occurs yearly, unless those teams get their act together.

Per last night's game, our offense is starting to take shape, but the defense, at least in the two previous games is taking a back seat. The conscientiously improved FT% will keep us in close games, if we continue. But, when the senior leader point guard has but TWO assists in three games (pre-season included) something is awry. Yes, the three guard lineup opens up options, lanes, etc, but two assists, three turnovers, and seven fouls in two games for the senior leader is definitely underwhelming. Just as was the crowd.

If Jerai dunks on a dude from Wofford and no one is there to see it, does it really count? (Image via Tigernet)
Actual caption from Tigernet: "Jerai Grant brings the crowd to its feet with a big dunk."

Also from Tigernet, voice of Clemson Tiger fans, a .wma post game interview with BRIAN Brownell. Nice scoop tigernet.

Here's an early statistic, but how much difference has a year made for Milton Jennings? Look at this.
If nothing else, this has to help his confidence. Milt apparently just did not fit into OP's system. Let's hope this progress continues.

Now it is on off to the US Virgin Islands for the Paradise Jam, where the Tigers open against the Long Beach State, though they call themselves "The Beach" 49ers. How quaint.

The season is go.

Go Tigers!

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