Friday, December 3

Clemson Basketball- And then there were Two

Last year's freshman class was one of the most heralded in Clemson basketball history.
Now, only 50% of that lofty recruiting class remains, as Noel Johnson has decided to leave the program
This news comes after Donte Hill announced that he would transfer earlier this year.

Right now, the recruits are falling like dominoes.

If you do not see Brad Brownell everywhere on the recruiting trail, then he is not doing his job. I don't know if the implementation of his offensive scheme is leading to the loss of players, or if it is the coaching change. "His" recruit, Stanton performed well against Michigan, and is a nice addition to the team. Though Johnson might have an effort/energy issue, as he has not seemed fully committed on the court this season, I really don't know what I think about Stanton playing over others who were already in place. It seems Stanton, for better or worse, is receiving some preferential treatment over the others.

Of course growing pains will accompany a coaching change, but right now we have NINE scholarship players, two walk-ons.
Here is the breakdown by position:
G: 5
Under 6 feet
Andre Young- quick, playing well: 32.7 mins, 10.1 ppg
Corey Stanton- fitting in nicely: 13.4mins, 3.4 ppg
Zavier Anderson- allows Young to rest: 3.6mins, 0.4 ppg
Over 6 feet
Demontez Stitt- Starting to step up as a senior: 30.3 mins, 13.3 ppg
Tanner Smith- underachieving as a junior: 31.3mins, 8.4 ppg
F: 3
Bryan Narcisse- Mr. Energy not seeing as much playing time: 7.3 mins, 1.7 ppg
Milton Jennings- Starting to look comfortable this year: 21.7 mins, 9.9 ppg
Jonah Baize- Walk-on: 2 mins, 0.0ppg
F/C: 2
Devin Booker- Shows potential, looks lost sometimes: 24.4 mins, 8.4 ppg
Jerai Grant- Looks improved, needs to step it up: 22.3 mins, 9.1 ppg
C: 1
Catalin Baicu- I thought this was supposed to be the year: 5.4 mins, 2.8 ppg

This season was going to be one of transition and flux, but now it will be even more so. Hopefully, other players will step up and perform. Otherwise, the grind of the ACC Season will be even longer. 

Go Tigers!

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