Tuesday, December 7

Clemson loses to USC 64-60 in a "rivalry" and a Tiger alum is arrested

So this is what it is looking like this year- abysmal:

This is it. There are 346, or something like that, teams currently playing division basketball and we are not even in the top 50% of them.

This is what is looks like in action:

Jennings does what Jennings does.

This is Clemson Basketball. The growing pains are affecting everyone: players, fans, media perception, and anyone else who might care about Clemson Basketball.

Ron Morris of The State entitle his article Horn's program is further along (left out than what)
He asserts made such sweeping generalizations as, "So, while senior Clemson point guard Demontez Stitt occasionally looked like he was unsure of what Brownell wanted, Ellington approached the biggest play of the game as if he knew precisely what Horn wanted."

"As if," is the key phrase here. They both hit 5 shots during the course of the game. Ellington happened to hit 3 3pt shots. That is is difference.

The Tigers had to struggle to  get back into the game.

Here is how Brownell assessed the situation (WMA Audio File via Tigernet):
"We ran two actions and I think both guys were going to be wide-open. Demontez [Stitt] threw the one backwards to Milton [Jennings] at the top of the key and threw it at his ankles when he was wide-open. Then Tanner [Smith] threw the one to Andre [Young] when he really wasn't quite looking, and that's what I'm talking about. They're not quite familiar with some of those things, and we don't execute as well as we need to. Both guys were going to be wide-open, and we don't get a shot on either possession. That's a killer in a possession game.”
"And that is what I'm talking about" Brad Brownell

So, the Tigers get a week to prepare for ACC play against FSU and then a few games that should help pad our record before the beginning of the year.

Elsewhere in Clemson Basketball news, DWDHS- D.W. Daniel High Basketball coach, Barnes/Shyatt era Tiger, Tony Christie from Hartford, Connecticut was arrested today on suspicion of doing things that are not very goodassault on a student at DWD- a female.

So that is that. A less than satisfactory weekend for the Tigers ends with an alumni in close proximity being arrested. Maybe it is a stretch to make a connection between the two, maybe some grand generalizations can be made by others, but either way, if things don't right themselves soon, this is going to be a long season.

Go Tigers!

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