Monday, January 17

Clemson looks to break "the streak" tomorrow night.

The Tigers are coming off a big win against GT- that was last Wednesday.
The Tarheels are coming off a big loss to GT- that was yesterday.

While the Tigers, this year's incarnation, or any ever, have never won in Chapel Hill (0-54), they are playing on a hot streak of their own. Since Duke's loss, Clemson now has the longest active winning streak in the ACC at eight games

But, that was last week. Literally, last Tuesday Wednesday since the Tigers took GT to task in Littlejohn. Last night, GT did the same to UNC.

So, what does this mean? Probably nothing.

Based upon potential, reputation, and those types of things, UNC is the better of these two teams. Based upon actually playing as a team, Clemson wins- twice and maybe more. And this is the heart of how and why Clemson currently has an eight game winning streak going into Chapel Hill.

Yes, Grant is playing well.
Yes, Stitt is playing well.
Yes, Young is playing well.

But, the rest of the team is playing as a team. Whether or not this is the result of Brownell's motion offense system, or just allowing the team to play a little, I don't know.

However, the players seem to have found their places on the court.

And this is the most heartening, and exciting thing about this season thus far.

UNC and Ol' Roy will be looking to answer critics tomorrow, and for the rest of the season, and well, forever. In retrospect, I think most people outside of Chapel Hill believe that the apotheosis of Harrison Barnes as a preseason All-American as a freshman was unfounded. In Chapel Hill, they are waiting for him to turn the corner, just like last year's entire team.

I have no idea what is going on in with the UNC team in Chapel Hill. They have more talent than most any team anywhere- even with the loss many of the pieces from last year. They have skilled players and position players. What they don't have, it seems is the necessary chemistry or character. Some say it is the coaching staff's fault not recruiting the proper positions, but they aren't new at this. That is a tired argument.

And it is difficult to say the game has passed Roy by, as he won a national championship just two years ago.

So, there it is. An incomplete analysis of the current situation at UNC.
How will this affect the outcome of the game? Well, probably not very much.

As much as I want Clemson to win, it is going to be difficult.
If the Tigers couldn't win when UNC was 8-20. Yes, they had Shyatt- who later won two National Championships at Florida, but even still.

Or that they didn't win in 2005, falling 68-66.

I don't even feel like going further down the list.

I predicted an L earlier, but I am optimistically, pessimistic about this game. So, it will probably be a heartbreakingly close loss.

But, I'll still hope for a win.

Go Tigers.


Anonymous said...

"Tar Heel" - get it right said...

I could have called all things associated with UNC a lot worse things than that.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, it looks like you called it right...bummer