Tuesday, January 18

Some pre- Clemson-UNC statistics

Here are some statistics concerning the development of this year's team.
From Early- to middle- to current.

Notice the improvement in 3 of 4 categories. The single category with a dip in the numbers is rebounds per game. Some of this dip can be explained, as it is a function of shooting more accurately. The more shots go in, the less rebounds come off. But still, this is a bit unnerving.  Especially when this information is compared to UNC's:

The Tarheels average nearly 8.5 more rebounds per game than the Tigers. And while some of their high average can be attributed to their low field goal percentage, not all of it. UNC is using rebounds to control the ball. Clemson is not being aggressive enough on the defensive boards.

You can simulate the game here to see what the outcome might be.

Read all sorts of statistics and hypothetical statistics at

Until tonight,

Go Tigers.

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