Friday, March 11

Clemson Throttles 70-47

The VT win at Littlejohn seems so long ago.

Today, it was all about winning- sheen style.

Nope BC. Today, it was you who got pants-ed (from the ESPN)

After the early win by UNC with no time left, most of the decidedly Carolina, of the northern variety, crowd left. It was a much more intimate crowd. As much as it could have been with thousands of people.

Nonetheless, Clemson did not let the empty seats bother them. They came out strong. BC never really was in the game. Trapani did what he could, but just like when Stitt kept a lock on Smith in Cameron, he kept it even tighter on the other All-ACC guard, Reggie Jackson, who the Tigers held to 11 points.

Trapani, the hardest working man in the biz according to some finished with 20 points. Nice work Trap-ster.

But let's talk about the Tigers.

The game seemed slow in spots.

But, the Tigers were methodical. they attacked the basket. They hit outside shots. They played defense.

Of course, Brownell was working the team throughout.

While Stitt played well throughout, what about Zavier Anderson? Blocked shot, check; assist, check; steal, check; seven points, five rebounds. I wonder if other teams just feel really bad when a walk-on, or former walk-on, or whatever has this kind of line? 

Overall, it was a complete team effort. Even Bobo got into the action today. 

But tomorrow it will take even more. UNC has had the Tigers' number this season- and well  really, forever.

If not for the Buckner dunk, I don't even know if Clemson would have ever beaten UNC in the state of North Carolina- because we all know the Chapel Hill record, 0- forever.

Tomorrow, the Tigers are going to have to regroup. This win, was just that- a win. It helped them in term of their NCAA bid prospects, but a win vs. UNC would help even more.

Brownell knows how to win. He has won conference tournaments at both of his previous head coaching stops. And while I don't know if the Tigers are ready to win the entire ACC tournament, why not try? The Tarheels are lead by freshmen. If Clemson can use their senior leadership, it could get interesting tomorrow and on into Sunday.

A win vs. UNC would be a guaranteed NCAA berth. A strong showing would solidify a berth. A blowout loss, which has not happened all season, firstly would be unacceptable, but also might hurt the Tigers too much with the other conference's upsets and various twists and turns.

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Go Tigers.

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