Monday, March 14

Clemson brings it to the NCAA with a 12.5 seed

After the predictable overtime loss to UNC, Clemson was rewarded  with a 12.5 seed, while the team to which they lost was given a 2 seed. I say predictable because this was UNC after all. And, the conference wouldn't let Clemson stop the sale of tickets for the final round of the ACC tournament with the possibility of a Duke-UNC rematch would they? Of course not. Duke-UNC is the reason the ACC was awarded such a TV contract in the first place. If the ACC can't live up to promise of Duke-UNC tri-annual clause in the TV contract, then the conract is probably null.

I am sure this make Brad Brownell and the Tigers happy.

While it is one thing to get into the tournament, it is another to play a "play-in" game. This nomenclature implies that they are not actually in the tournament. Calling it the "First Four" doesn't help either.

Make these games part of the tournament, or don't. Call the rest of the field the Bye-round if you must, but to call the teams who have to play an extra game play-ins is insulting not just to the teams, but also to the meaningfulness of the tournament itself.

Clemson is set up for failure. They have a 9pm game Tuesday  in Dayton, OH. Then, should they win, they have to get on a plane to Tampa, FL, for a 12:15, or whatever, game against WVU on Thursday.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, Clemson is playing tomorrow on TV.
The game will be on TruTV.  Yes, this is apparently a television channel.

But, beyond that, what is up with the 12.5 seed. Really?

According to some places, Clemson is a 4.5 favorite.
To others with the science of computers, it is a toss-up.

Now, we are off to Dayton.

This is Brownell's old stomping ground, via Wright State.

I don't know exactly what this means for the team, but I am hoping for a win.

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