Wednesday, March 16

Up next for Clemson, WVU

After dismantling the Blazers, well all except their three point shooting, the Tigers were rewarded with a late night flight to Tampa.

In Tampa, the Tigers will take on Bob "Huggy Bear" Huggins and his West Virginia Mountaineers- err whatever this mascot is:

You cannot argue with the man's sense of style. It is impeccable.

Clemson has experience in the stylings of  the "Huggy Bear" as they played against Huggins, back in his formative training track suit days of Cincinnati. The Tigers lead by point guard Ed Scott and the Shyatt, defeated the Bearcats 58-51 December 2002 in Anderson while Littlejohn was being renovated. This was a long time ago. Two Coaches ago. And miles and miles of fashion ago.

Oh, well, maybe not. 

Huggy still sports the tracksuit.

Clemson also has experience playing against WVU, to whom they lost in the NIT finals. That was a coach ago for both schools.

If you are looking forward to what outfit Huggins will be wearing tomorrow in Tampa, here is the link to get your tickets. I am betting on a tracksuit, but hoping for the pimpsuit.

About last night's game. If you watched it, you saw a dominating inside performance by the Jerai Grant and the Tigers. Jerai finished  with a career high 22 pts. However, despite the 18 pt. win, they could not stop the outside shooting of the UAB Blazers. 

UAB finished 18-48 shooting, but of the 18 made baskets, 12 were 3pts. and the rest of the points came from FTs.

The Tigers did not let the barrage of 3s stop them. Every time UAB tried to start a run, the Tigers would clamp down on defense. They played tough man-to-man defense and came away with 10 stls, coupled with UABs 19 TOs.

Though I was fearful of a UNC-like collapse, I was glad not to see it.

Looking back, it was a mismatch. Clemson played like they wanted to win. UAB didn't let that deter them through the early lead, but didn't really adjust. It was obvious that Brownell had the Tigers prepared for what they were going to face.

Let's hope he can do the same against another high-caliber coach including his fashion sense.

Here are some links about last night's game:

Game time in 24 hrs.

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Leffty said...

Was the First Four even worth it?

Not that the WVU game was too terrible, but it almost seems like spinning Clemson's wheels more than a worthwhile round, right?