Wednesday, December 20

The Bilastrator and the Clemson Tigers

I cannot read the tea leaves within this posting in the chatwrap. He seems concentrated on a few ACC teams, including his beloved Duke. Rightfully, he says he needs to see more from the Clemson Tigers. But a "breakdown." Really?

Also, notice the zing at the end of the Bilas post. Does he really think he is above such things as tournament prognostication this early? He shouldn't be criticizing the profession he has chosen overhyped, pre-season-ranking, and tournament-selections not precluded.

Incidentally, did anyone watch the duke game last night? Abyssmal. I don't know what else to say about Duke's performance. They won, but that is about it.

Here's the Clemson chat transcript:

J Rizz (Clemson, SC): You didn't mention Clemson in your talk of the ACC either. They are 11-0 and if you've seen them play, you know they look poised for a run in the ACC. Hmmm so now it's adding up -- maybe you aren't giving the ACC as much credit as you should?

SportsNation Jay Bilas: Good call. Clemson still needs to win many more games to be up with Duke, UNC, MD and BC. Actually, NO teams in the ACC are NCAA locks today. I just feel like UNC, Duke, Maryland, and BC will be there at the end. The rest are more likely to have breakdowns, but GT and Clemson are capable. A long way to go. Forgive me if I don't get too wrapped up in Tournament selection in December.


jmart jr. said...


jmart jr. said...

while waiting for a game preview of today's match up of tigers v. west carolina i decided to do a bit of research. from this site, ,it would appear that our tigers may be in for quite a game today. our competition consists of women wearing pioneer dresses whilst performing passing drills in fields of corn. i have no doubt that the clemson d will out perform a few thousand ears of maze and that our uniforms, while baggy, will give us the comfort and support that no hand washed prospecting garmet can provide. go tigers!