Saturday, December 23

Clemson Tigers vs. Western Carolina Game Notes/Preview

If your'e looking to gametrack

Quoted from Andy Katz, Espn:
"• OK, this is why predictions are meaningless once again. I was asked on Saturday on ESPN Radio's Gameday which team will be the last unbeaten and I made a case for Nevada and Butler. Both lost Saturday. So, you make the call … here are the remaining unbeatens: Clemson, Oklahoma State, Pitt, UConn, Southern Miss, Central Florida, UCLA, Oregon and Wichita State."

One more down.

Today the steadfast Clemson Tigers look to stay unbeaten in their final pre-Xmas game against the Western Carolina Catamounts of Cullowee. The Catamounts are from the only directional Carolina school which chooses to use the -ern suffix in its name. The inclusion has created a rift amongst the otherwise collegial and cordial schools. Clemson, on the otherhand, is the only major Carolina, either north or south, state school without their respective state's name in the name of their school. AS such, both teams will be hungry and looking to avoid being slighted again. With a win, the Tigers would improve to 12-0. Thus, their James Mays-effective win streak would improve to what? 25-0?

The Catamounts are lead by hot shooting guard Antonio Russell, who is averaging 17 ppg. and a trio of forwards all averaging double-digits as well. They are a feisty 5-5 squad with hopes of winning their conference, but it will be tough being in the same conference as Davidson, (College of) Charleston, and the San Juan Shootout Champions, Appalachian State.

It could be close at first, but the Tigers will prevail. 82-64- believe it!

Go Tigers.

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