Sunday, December 31

KC Rivers and Trevor Booker lead the ClemsonTigers to 14-0

We are fastly moving into waters only explored once before. With a 67-57 win over Ga. St., the Tigers are prepared and have been tested in multiple ways this season. This is not the 90-63 score we at the OP hoped/predicted, but it will do. It is nice to see us play through a bit of adversity. We seemed to be looking past the Panthers toward FSU. Well, the time is Nigh- ACC-eason is now upon us and I will be wildly participating in an illicit Fantasy ACC Basketball league fulltime starting January 3. As Trevor Booker is on my team, I now have even more incentive to follow OP and the Tigers.

The game today ended up being a good check for us- we won without playing particularly strong and without winning the under-the-board-rebound-war, for only the second time this season. However, with three players in double-digits, the win looks a bit better from the other side.

While I don't know we are on the level as the two remaining unbeatend, UCLA and Oregon, we are definitely improving. However, I have to keep any bright hopes muted a bit, as we blazed out last year as well. A strong performance in the ACC will validate our strong start. I am ready for January 3- Bring it!

Go Tigers!

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