Sunday, December 31

Clemson Basketball: Bilas Respect

So here it is- the first reference I have found this season concerning the Tigers and the NCAA Tourney from the Bilas, or anywhere. But first, from the same column by Bilas, a subtle jab at the MVC with a certain pro- ACC/Clemson Slant:


First, Wichita State is accorded plenty of respect by knowledgeable observers and poll voters because of its performance last year, and has been given great credit for its wins against Syracuse and LSU on the road. Second, if Wichita State had lost to ORU and DePaul but beat Florida, USC and Boston College, I think the Shockers would be well-regarded, and well within the Top 25. Third, if Wichita State had won against Old Dominion, Appalachian State and Georgia and went on the road and won at Minnesota and at South Carolina, and were unbeaten, the Shockers would be ranked in the top 10, without question.

Well, that is what Clemson has done, yet the Tigers just made it into the poll this week. What Turgeon is pointing out, and what I have been pointing out for some time now, is the disparate treatment and perception of majors and mid-majors in the media. Note that I said media, and not the Selection Committee.

Heading into the weekend, the ACC is 112-29 in nonconference games, and six of the ACC's teams are ranked in the RPI top 20 (eight in the top 40). North Carolina, Duke, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Clemson and a healthy Boston College look like NCAA Tournament teams heading into conference play. Of course, given the nature of college basketball, there are no locks this early, but it is clear that the ACC is having another solid year.

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I am not exactly sure what this means for our future, but we will see soon enough. (A definite, official, prognostication there.) I think Ga. St. could be lethal if we look past them today, though. We will be set up for a solid ACC season if we pull the win today.

Believe it.
Go Tigers.

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