Sunday, January 7

Clemson Basketball: 16-0 !

I watched the final play a few times last night, supposedly after the win had been digested. I still could not believe it. We seemed so poised, ready, and together. Until Mays made the shot, then he flipped his junk and almost didn't realize 2.2 seconds were left. I wonder how Hewitt and GT feel about calling their last time out with 1:48 left? I guess that question couldn't be asked if they had won.

As the game progressed, I realized, I care more about us winning than keeping a winning streak alive. Yes, I know, this is a subtle difference, but it is a difference I think should be noted and which I am sure OP is preaching to the players. Additionally, I am sure OP is handling the fact we are the last remaining undefeated team in all of Div I, or whatever the name for it is now, college basketball and keeping the team in perspective. As much praise as I can give OP, I hope to god, the university does the same. To think OP has been able to do this at Clemson, will get a few AD's with bigger basketball budgets, facilities, and fanbases throughout the country salivating.

This year will be interesting, not just for the team, but concerning the tenure of OP as well.

Here is the rundown of yesterday's top 25 teams ranked above us and their performances:

#1 UCLA LOST to #17 Oregon -The Ducks must avenge
#3 Florida beat UGa - I hate Donovan; he's so smug.
#4 Wisconsin beat Minnesota - Big Ten
#5 Duke LOST to Virginia Tech - The refs are making up for last year in Cameron
#6 Ohio St. beat Illinios- Oden 3-12, I thought he was the future of the world.
#7 Arizona LOST to Washington St. Lute?
#8 Alabama LOST to Arkansas -I didn't even know there was a difference
#11 Texas A&M beat Kansas St. -I though K-St was relevant again.
#12 Oklahoma St. beat Baylor -I've got nothing.
#13 Butler beat Wright St. -Don't care.
#14 UCONN LOST to #19 LSU -Interesting matchup
#15 Nevada beat Idaho -I am bored
#16 Air Force beat UNLV -Something clever about pilots
#17 Oregon beat #1 UCLA -Ducks
#18 Clemson beat Georgia Tech -The only undefeated team in the country!?
#19 LSU beat #14 UCONN -Hmm?
#20 Washington beat Arizona St. -Did you see the NCSU score?
#22 Notre Dame LOST to Georgetown -Really?

The reason I post all of these scores, is because
1. It highlights the four losses of teams ranked above us.
2. Wisc. beat Minn by 23, we beat them by 22.
3. Florida beat UGa by 16, we beat them by 15.
4. Document the statistical anomaly of Clemson winning and Duke losing on the same day.

Tuesday the Tigers Travel to the Triangle to Take on NCSU. Gametrack if you can't be there.

Go Tigers!

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