Saturday, January 6

Clemson Tiger Basketball: GT Notes, Preview,

Today's game can be followed via Gametracker, Online Radio, and TV (RSN- Check Local Listings, however, Raycom lists the game as ESPNU, and Clemson lists the game as FSN). No matter from where the A/V comes, find it and watch it.

Also, I found an audio link to Thursday's OPress conference in which he discusses the win in Tally, GT, and 15-0. If you need the OP, get it here.

For the complete media guide to today's game from Clemson.

GT is the closest school with which we have a consistent, strong, competitive, two-way rivalry. The overall record between the Clemson and GT is 55-52, with GT having a slight lead. We don't even come close to that kind of parity with other, historic ACC Schools.

The game should be, as all the ACC games today will be, tough, deliberate, and exciting. This is a big test for the Tigers. Not only are they trying to keep a nearly unprecedented win streak alive, they are moving more deeply into the ACC-eason and the difficult game rotation. Though Clemson has a relatively less difficult rotation schedule this year, it would be inaccurate to say our ACC Schedule is easy; it isn't, just less difficult in parts.

GT is looking to get back into the top 25, where they started the season. They have been working with Clinch less and less, so his suspension should not affect them tremendously. Were they to win, I think OP could turn it into a positive. A loss would allow us to fly back under-the-radar and allow us to sneak a bit more. A win would place us at 2-0 in the ACC, 16-0 for the season, and squarely in the spotlight, as it is possible that we would be the only undefeated team left with UCLA playing the just defeated Oregonian Ducks.

I am looking forward to today's game.

Tigers 75- GT-70'

Believe It. Go Tigers!

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