Friday, January 26

Clemson Basketball: ACC officials= "Timing error?"

The ACC, again masters of the obvious admitted a mistake. While this might have not changed the outcome, it is reflective of the state of officiating in the ACC and specifically in Cameron. Even if Purnell had objected, it would have been fruitless. The better team did not win. The supposedly better coach was turned into a hypocrite by his own team. The better coach released a statement, the other, realizing he and his team were recipients of blatant bias did not.

  • "I am satisfied with their review in this matter," Purnell said Friday. "We now need to put 100 percent of our focus on our game with Virginia on Sunday, and that is what we will do, starting with today's practice."
  • A Duke spokesman did not immediately return a telephone message Friday seeking comment from Krzyzewski.

The second bullet says more than the first.

Go Tigers!

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