Thursday, January 25

Clemson Basketball: Timekeeper guy needs to be fired.

From our seats, this image is right before things got bad.

This youtube video is when it got bad.

Never mind the added time at the end. The clock did not move when Vernon Hamilton took his shot. As I was at the game, I can assure you VH had the ball longer than .6 seconds. I hope to god OP files a formal complaint with the ACC officials/timekeepers/whoever for that. Yes, Duke would have still had an opportunity to shoot their final shot, but not 4.4 seconds.

Yes, I was in the belly of the whale, the death star. And I hated it.

Go Tigers!

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jared said...

it took vh at least a second to realize he had the ball. at the very least, think about his shooting motion. it's all herky -jerky from the hips. there is no way .6 seconds is all you take off of the clock. i'm absolutely stunned. one second it's heaven. .6 seconds later i'm in hell.