Wednesday, January 10

Clemson Basketball: James Mays- Top 20 Player Candidate?

Mays listed in position 18 in POY candidate by Jeff Goodman on Foxsports.

Clemson on front page of College Basketball page on ESPN

OP to be featured on TWO ESPN shows tonight/afternoon

New blog posting the OP on from 01/08/07

Some "preview" action from a Duke-blog that gives Clemson a good review, from 01/04/07.

I don't know if this is wholly correct. Weren't we 17-0 to begin the 1986-1987 season?

Also, Why oh why is the Maryland game on ESPNU(seless). Does this station exist? I have never watched a single minute of any broadcast on this station. I think U stands for something other than university: useless, un-viewable, un-(Fill-in-the-blank).

If anyone knows where I can view ESPNU in the Triangle, NC, let me know.

Go Tigers!

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