Wednesday, January 10

Clemson Basketball: The OP on TV!

In case you missed it, here are some select quotes from OP's brief interview on ESPNews.

OP- "A Sleeping Giant"

OP- "People come to visit Clemson and they just fall in love. They don't want to leave."

OP- "It's a Football Town, but its also an athletics town."

OP- "People say Florida is Football Town, but they've got some pretty good basketball. We want people to say that about Clemson as well."

OP-"In the ACC, every night is a big task."

host- "Last question. You were a Div II All-American and drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks, Do your kids realize you had some serious game?"

OP- "They look at the pictures of the afros and just laugh."

Also, "Around the Horn" coverage of the Tigers

Buy or Sell: Now from the Who-new-files:
Tim Cowlishaw- BUY, 17-0

Michael Smith- BUY, "won all of their road games, don't forget, this was an NIT team last year that started to come on at the end of the season."

Bill Plaschke- SELL, Weak Schedule Concerns

Woody Page- BUY, "If they emerge from the next two games against MD and UNC 1-1, then, yes, they are for real. Purnell has this team ready."

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