Friday, January 12

Clemson Tiger Basketball: Preview, thoughts, and all

Apparently Jeff Goodman of the Foxsports outlet really enjoys Clemson Tiger Basketball. James Mays is ranked as one of his potential POY candidates and he ranks the Tigers at #9 in his weekly power rankings.

Of course this ranking could change dramatically in the course of the next few days. Tomorrow at 2:00 post meridian, the Tigers take on the Terrestrial Turtles of the University of Maryland. The Comcast Center will be the stage for what will be the biggest matchup in the ACC this year, as both teams are ranked.

The Terps were thwarted in their last home game against Miami, shortly after Clemson beat NCSU to remain the last undefeated team in all of the world of Division I basketball teams. They are looking to extend their streak to 18-0 and establish the best-ever-start in the history of the ultraverse for a Clemson University Men's basketball team and the best ever streak on the planet with a player named James Mays.

Either Mays or Booker, or possibly defense by committee will be responsible for taking care of Maryland's leading scorers: DJ Strawberry, Mike Jones, and James Gist. It will be a tough assignment for the Tigers, who all-time against Maryland trail 84-46 and 3-1 in the Comcast Dome/Arena/Gymnatorium.

And if all of this excitement surrounding Clemson Tiger Basketball is not enough, Clemson might have a future coach lined up as Slab-Five leader Greg Buckner says his dream job would be to coach Clemson.

More Details to Come.
Go Tigers!

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