Friday, January 19

Clemson Tiger Basketball vs. BC Eagles

To be sure, Al Skinner will have the Eagles from Boston ready to play tomorrow at 12pm. Just as all of the other ACC schools, they do not have to change timezones, so the early-ish start time should be no problem.

I know, I am ignoring the biggest concern in the room. So here it is, Two BC players have been dismissed from the team. This should give Mays and Booker a bit more room to work inside, but the Eagles might use their new found hole in the center as a rallying point. Skinner knows how to adjust. And don't forget, or look past Jared Dudley, 19.1ppg, 9.1 rpg, Sean Marshall 16.4 ppg 5.3 rpg, and Tyrese Rice 16.2 ppg with 5.9 apg. Even without the dominating defense down low they were afforded with Sean Williams, the Eagles are not going to rollover for the Tigers.

For the Tigers to win, they must firstly, stop taking misguided, poorly executed shots. No one should be shooting airballs, not even those guys on the end of the bench, and especially not the starting point guard and our "three point specialist."

Some will say we need to tighten up our defense, yes we need to do this, but this will shore itself up if we can hit some shots. That is how to play pressure basketball. The Tigers can run, but they can't run if they have to run both ways. This is exactly what happened against UNC. We play well as a team when we play as our team plays, not when we try to imitate the style of the other team. Also, can someone please stop a layup tomorrow? At least one.

This game is necessary, essential. 17 W in a row, then 2L. We should not be sliding like this and as the sportsworld is starting to say, pull a Clemson, or fade to orange, - like last year.

We need to beat BC while they are down, and beat them like we were beaten by UNC and then beat them some more like we were by Maryland. OP needs to rally the team around this game and use it as a pivot upon which to turn things back around.

Go Tigers!

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