Thursday, January 18

The OP: v1.5

I felt weak, my knees knocked. My very orange-hued blood lay spilt on the floor. I dreamed we beat UNC in CH, with OP at the helm. He finally broke the curse; he shirked the powder blue goatish ram from our back.

Alas. It was a dream. And even now, nearly 24 hours later, I can't even bring myself to action.

So, as a response to the showing last night and the cancellation of the show to which the old header of this site was linked, I have created a new version, linked to a currently more successful show.

This should help lead the Clemson Tigers to victory; as OP regulates and somehow re-teaches the team how/when they should be shooting the ball; the team will be able to make offensive progress as I relieved them of the encumbrance of an old design.

The new header is the first step in the overall site re-design.
v2.0 will be from the future. You won't even recognize, but you must.

To the future!
Go Tigers!

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