Thursday, February 22

Clemson Basketball: Break out your orange blazers!

"We're on the brink of ruining the season after we started out so good," [Cliff] Hammonds said. "It would be a disgrace to go to the NIT after the way we started the season." Despite the grammatical concerns, I echo your sentiments Mr. Hammonds and know we are going to need more than just OP's orange blazer. We all need to be wearing orange blazers, just not of the Bruce Pearl Tennessee variety.
Everyone knows what happened in Cameron. We could have made tonight's game mean something had we responded with a forward push after the dook debacle. Instead, we have focused on cruising in the opposite direction. Dook comes into LJ with a less-than-perfect resume, but comes in as a team looking to play in the tournament and looking to succeed. Neither of which the Tigers can seem to do.

While I do not know the remedy for maintaining a team's focus and getting them back on track, I do know something needs to be done-- and the MD loss will be the catalyst, as that game ended the losing streak and our losing ways.

Go Tigers!

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