Friday, February 23

Clemson Basketball fails to cross 66 point threshold against Duke

This time, however, the relative close score does not reflect the whole of the game. The Tigers nearly erased the 21 point deficit created by missing 13 straight shots and finishing the first half going 6-22, at 27.3%.

After a deep, wet tongue-lashing from Capt. OP and the good karma of having Ray Ray and Fahmarr appear at half-time, the Tigers were able to go on a scoring run and bring the score to 47-42 with about 10:14 minutes to go in the half.

Thoughts of winning the game, making the tournament, stopping the pain, or any of the aforementioned briefly re-appeared as the Tigers once again brought the scoring deficit to five points at 69-64, though scarcely six seconds were left. Then something happened after I turned off the television and the Tigers lost 71-66.

To Sam Perry,

You blocked three shots and had five rebounds, but only had three points. I must re-iterate the mistake you are making when you suit up with that elbow-length-sleeved shirt. While I don't wear athletic undershirts, again, many quality brands manufacture such garments. Large-box stores even carry off-brand versions of such. I really do think you should give it a try. Then, let me know what you think.

Now, Clemson has three games left three chances, two away (BC, VT), one home, one tomorrow. And the line from the press brief concerning OP and his 20 win seasons will again appear. Please, please win.

Go Tigers!

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