Monday, February 5

Clemson Basketball: FSU coming to town

I don't even know how to extract information from this, the first quick fact from the game notes released for Wednesday's game, means:

Florida State has won five of its last six games entering Wednesday night's contest and only loss has been to Boston College. Clemson has lost five of its last six games and its only win in the last 6 games is vs Boston College.
I guess we could use the famous transitive property. It seemed to work for Lowe, Towe, and the wolfpackers this past weekend. As, "according to NC State assistant coach Monte Towe, the Wolfpack took a basic approach toward Saturday's stunner. If they could beat Virginia Tech, which beat North Carolina, then why couldn't they beat the Tar Heels, too?"

Winning seems so simple when viewed through the lens of binary logic and mathematics. And surely Clemson students and graduates, in principle, understand such concepts.

Go Tigers.

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