Sunday, February 4

Oliver Purnell: Thank You.

Clemson head coach Oliver Purnell argues with an unidentified referee after being charged with a technical foul and ejected from the game during the second half of a basketball game against Georgia Tech, Saturday, Feb. 3, 2007. Tech won 80-62. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Oliver Purnell ejected for the first time in 15 seasons. His ejection comes on the heels of several ACC official clock, personnel, and wardrobe malfunctions. While I think being able to rebound would have kept us in the game and possibly afforded us an opportunity to win, as Georgia Tech out-rebounded Clemson 44-28, OP sent a message to the team, the fans, and the ACC with his ejection.

"I apologized to our team for leaving them out there alone, but yet at the same time, enough is enough," Purnell said. "We had errors at Duke, an obvious no-call and walk that cost us the game against Virginia and now this game ... at some point you have to fight for your team."

And I am happy to see him do it.

Now, the team must move forward by re-learning how to box out, rebound, and protect the basketball. Yesterday, Clemson had 22 turnovers to Ga Tech's 16 in addition to 3 steals compared to GT's 17 steals. Our freethrow percentages have been improving, as we shot 68% yesterday. However, stronger inside play will lead to more FT opportunities which might or might not help our FT%.

More than anything, the Tigers, looked tired, out-played, and not as hungry as they should be. OP has got to get the Tigers in line before they take on the improving Seminoles. Remember, these were the two teams we beat with last second shots, and it seems they want(ed) to beat us more than we want(ed) to beat them.

Go Tigers!

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