Wednesday, November 21

Clemson Tigers look to dominate the Blue Hose

I wanted to use a verb somehow connected to the fact PC's mascot is a Blue Hose, but it would have probably been a bit suggestive. So, I refrained.

Onward, tonight at 7:30pm, EST, Littlejohn, Clemson, SC, the Tigers look to start 5-0.
(Gametrack it if you like.)They will be taking on a PC team they have historically owned, 50-17-2. PC looks like they are a team that spreads the scoring around, as they only have one player who averages in double-digits, guard Pat Kiscaden.

If the Tigers continue to tighten up on defense, the offense should follow. We are out-rebounding our opponents and playing with a huge chip on our shoulders. Everyone in the local and national media knows about our 17-0 collapse last year. We are on the radar now. However, not until we beat a few solid teams are we going to be taken seriously.

Even then, many people will not give us credit until the ACC-Season begins. All of which is fine. We should have to prove ourselves. We should and hopefully will earn every accolade possible this year. We are a strong team and OP has us mentally prepared. Hopefully, this preparation doesn't involve looking past PC to #22 Kentucky Killer, Gardner-Webb.

We should beat PC and then G-W. I think worrying about G-W more than we should is not necessarily warranted.

Beat the Blue Hose! ---I told you.

Go Tigers!

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