Friday, November 16

Clemson Tigers win on the road in Starkville, MS


I cannot remember, at least within the past 10 or so years that we won with our free-throw prowess and ability to close the deal- and lead by a freshman, no less. TO had 17 points, Stitt had 8, while Jerai Grant had 5. These three freshmen on FT% were 85 at 6-9, 8-8, and 3-3, respectively. Not a bad line for a Clemson Tiger. I like what I see thus far in Stitt. He was 0-9 from the field, but still had confidence in his game. He says he lets the game come to him. That is exactly what it did last night. It was a good thing the freshmen stepped up, as several of the starters were doubtful before the game last night.

In what hopefully will bode well for us in March, Clemson is ranked #1 in the influential Sagarin Ratings. They were atop the rankings for a while last season, so this isn't a first. Nonetheless, it is a nice recognition.

Next Game, 11/18: The Monarchs of OP University, Old Dominion Campus.

The Monarchs will be tough, as will be the Blue Hose. Each however, will just be tune-ups for the arrival of the Improbable G-W Bulldogs.

Go Tigers!

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