Monday, November 19

Clemson Defeats ODU Monarchs

What most struck me about the win against the Monarchs was the appearance of Trevor Booker on offense. He has been ok defensively and rebound-wise, but he has been all but absent on offense. Our scoring ability and inside presence depends on our decpetively, Charles Barkley-like undersized center. It seemed to return, at least a bit, as both Booker and Mays had double-doubles. Per the ODU game, we looked sluggish at the beginning of the second half, but responded well.

And what about Demontez Stitt? He seems to be developing nicely thus far. He is going to have ups and downs- sometimes even within the same game, see MSSt. But, from all appearances, he is progressing and maintaining his focus.

After the win against ODU, of a potential top 25 ranking, OP said, "We've got to continue to improve, but it would be good to get there. That's where we want to be all the time as a program. But we still need to get better."

We made it back, just barely at 22 and 24.

And so, its time to bring on the PC Blue Hose. I welcome the Blue Hose to Div I basketball and maybe the coaches' face in this official PC picture reflects what its like to move up a division.

3/17ths of the way there,

Until 4/17ths

Go Tigers!

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j-blz said...

i think that's the family guy dad come to life.