Monday, November 19

Dick Vitale Love: Clemson #15

This morning I heard Dook Vitale on the radio on the way to work. I thought he was still asleep or something because his voice sounded so gruff. I thought nothing of it. Then, No less than 10 minutes ago, while watching the Maryland/UCLA game, I hear DV again, still gruff. I was thinking about writing a blog about him and how annoying his is, etc.

I didn't make it before he said something about ACC guards. Then my ear rose when he said "Better watch out for Clemson. They're a sleeper. Oliver Purnell has the Tigers ready to play. They went deep in the NIT and are returning four starters." -- or something similar to that.

Nonetheless, I felt karma turn its head on me and will have to think differently about DV if he keeps talking up Clemson. He, for all of his shortcomings, which I clearly recognize, can influence voters based upon his broadcasts. So, keep on keeping on the OP Train Dickie V. Drive us to the dance!

Still in shock about UNO beating NC State.
Go Tigers!

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