Tuesday, November 13

Clemson v. Mississippi State

I was just performing a little schedule analysis and conducting some research on our SEC Bulldog brethren.

MS St. is in the ORV (others receiving votes) category but with a preseason ALL-SEC guard Jamont Gordon, who scored 21 in their season opener against La. Tech.

Personally, I have very little knowledge of Starkville and M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-etc. The most time I have ever spent consecutively in MS was driving through it, most recently, though over 10 years ago now, during a spring break trip to New Orleans when a friend and I decided to give the entire state the finger while traveling on I-10W.

Let's hope OP gets the team ready for the game and reminds them how to play defense. While I was proud of the Tigers getting off to a solid start, we still have plenty of time and room for improvement. Even with a win, we would only be at 2/17ths of the opening total of wins last season.

With that said, it is time for the season to really begin. I applaud the OP coaching staff for suiting up this year with a few stronger early season opponents. Hopefully, this will be what pushes us to the next level.

Go Tigers.

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