Saturday, December 22

Clemson Tigers suffer first loss

Raymond Sykes had a break out game with 17 pts. and 7 rebounds, but the Tigers did not emerge victorious in Puerto Rico.

They biggest key to the game was rebounding.

Clemson: O: 11, D: 19, T: 30
Ole Miss: O: 21, D: 17, T: 38

Otherwise, the Tigers played well, but couldn't break away. With three minutes left, the Tigers matched their biggest lead over the Rebels with six points, but the Rebels continued to push and hit key freethrows in the last 90 sec.

Of the game, OP said, "Our undoing was the offensive glass." Our
(AP photo via ESPN) abysmal freethrow shooting did not help either, as we were 59.1%

James Mays returned for five minutes and tested the hip. It seemed to be little more than a practice run for him.

Others stepped up during the course of the game, but the Rebels responded. They will probably move into the top 25 with this win, though up-and-coming coach Andy Kennedy said, "Clemson is a very good team, and this is a win we'll be able to hang our hat on deep into the year if we continue to improve because they're going to beat a lot of people."

I don't know what to think about that quote. I can't tell if it is a legitimate compliment or not.

Despite what some will say, a loss is never good, be it now or after a longer winning streak.

Enjoy your holiday Tigers. May this loss and your X-mas meals help fuel you further and farther than you have been in some time.

Go Tigers.

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j-blz said...

too bad tb didn't "keep it up". ugh.