Sunday, January 6

Clemson Basketball loses to Wayne Ellington, UNC basketball player

My voice is a bit scratchy and I probably cursed too much tonight, but I really wish we would have won.
Mays and Oglesby, where was your game tonight? A little over the top from TO and a bit more inside from Mays and Booker and this game goes the other way.

Defensively, I would like to say we played well, but 90 points is a big contingency. Yet, it required Ellington to play better than he ever has to pull this out against the Tigers tonight.

Despite the loss, I am proud of our performance and just hope we can translate this into something positive rather than what the loss to Maryland did to us last year. If nothing else, we took the #1 team in the country to OT and they needed heroics to bring us down. Most teams will not be so lucky.

Until tomorrow after I and everyone else has time to reflect,

Go Tigers.

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