Monday, January 7

Reflections, links, lessons from last night's loss to UNC

The OP stat of the game, actually 3,: 9-9, 5-8, 11-19; Ellington, Wayne.

If last night's game would have been broad cast on ESPN, we would be able to watch it again today on ESPN-Classic, instant classic. My stomach is still in knots from last night's pre- and during game revelry, coupled with the pain of my stomach dropping out as the gameclock expired in OT.

The Tigers certainly captured some attention across the nation as they actually moved up in the AP poll and remained in the same spot in the USA Today poll.

All of this comes at a now difficult time:
James Mays is hurt. He fractured his hand in pre-game warm-ups last night.
Also, Trevor Booker has a slightly sprained ankle.
Both should be ready to go against Charlotte.

The Tigers need to take positives away from this game rather than the loss get them down. Wednesday's game against Charlotte could be a dangerous trap game if OP doesn't let the Tigers dwell on Sunday's performance.

Our chances look good in the ACC and last night proved it.

Go Tigers.

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