Tuesday, January 8

Suit Up Tigers, the 49ers are coming to town.

Charlotte just lost a close game to Maryland.
Clemson is coming off a heartbreaking loss to UNC.

Who will find enough to end the game with a win, the ever, ACC-spurned 49ers, or the hopefully, no-longer-unlucky Tigers?

This game has as much weight and potential resonance for the Tigers as any other game they will play this season. Last year the losses began with Maryland. Now we have the opportunity to show how we can learn from losses.

The AP seems to think we look a little more legitimate now than we did a few days ago- we actually rose one place in their poll.

So, we have two losses to two undefeated teams are not 17-0 and people are taking us more seriously now than they did last year.

Solid work, OP.

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