Tuesday, January 8

Oliver Purnell's Posse T-shirt

For the game Sunday night, the student section was orange-clad as usual. However, they wore a shirt of a different type.

(Image to come later)
Oliver Purnell's Posse
Image of Oliver Purnell in purple.
I'm down with OPP.

Yeah, you know me.

Mr. Knickerbocker may have them for sale soon for those fans and alumni looking to buy one, as the shirts themselves were student giveaways.

I was able to score a shirt, via long-distance, and will post when it arrives.

Go Tigers!


OPP_RULES said...

I want one of these shirts!

TC said...

Is there a website where you can order one of these shirts?

Ryan said...

I need a good picture of the OPP shirt like this one: http://www.mrknickerbocker.com/p-847-opp-oliver-purnells-posse-t-shirt.aspx but where I can enlarge it to read it, and copy the image location. Help me out man!