Saturday, January 12

Clemson Basketball vs. Florida St. Pre-Game notes

Following the loss to Charlotte, the bandwagon is a bit lighter, the faces and hopes a bit more somber.

And while the Tigers lost to Charlotte this week with abysmal, uninspired play, Booker's inside play was beast, and this team is still better than most any Clemson has fielded in recent memory.

Per tonight, the Tigers need to pound the ball into him- go inside, go inside, go inside, the very same advice OP offered to the Tigers via the media in his pre-halftime interview.

FSU is will be small, running 3-4 guards at a time. If they start hitting their shots, like Charlotte did, we are going to have to find a better way to stop them.

Conversely, our team needs to hit their shots, rebound, and then get back on defense. No one should be getting beat off the dribble. If the Tigers were able to keep speedy Ty Lawson in check, they should be able to handle Toney Douglas, et al; especially after they were unable to stop the Charlotte guards.

For all intensive purposes, this is the most important game of the season. The loss to UNC doesn't hurt us nearly as much as a third loss in a row to a lesser FSU team. The Charlotte loss seems a distant memory.

How the Tigers respond tonight now that full-on conference play has started, without anymore stuttering OOC trap games, could and probably will shape the entirety of the rest of the season.

Will these Tigers fold like the ones last year after their loss to Maryland? Has the apex of our achievement already been reached?

Tonight 7:00 pm.
Littlejohn, Clemson, SC
ACC Conference game
Listen: WCCP-FM
TV: None, ACC Select

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