Sunday, January 13

Clemson beats FSU with two buzzer beaters

The OP Stat of the Game: Trevor Booker, 3-3 3FG.

Yesterday I took down the Clemson flag I've been flying on the front porch since just before the Peach bowl. I thought it might be cursed. Now, I'm not so sure it isn't.

I will not lie.
When FSU hit the three to go up with 14.1 seconds left, I turned off the internet: the streaming audio, the gametracker, all of it.

I missed Trevor banking home a three to go to OT.

(BART BOATWRIGHT; Greenville News)

Then, I missed Mays' fall away shot to tie the game at 78 to push the game into 2OT.

I missed Oglesby hit 3 of his 6 3FG in 2OT.
I missed the moxie it took to win.

I missed it all.

And somehow, I don't feel bad. I feel better. The Tigers found a way to win and realized the ACC schedule is going to be tough, but not impossible- it just seems that way.

Up next another home game against the Lowe -ly Wolfpack and then we continue along on the circuit of four against Duke and Wake, respectively.

Go Tigers!

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