Monday, January 28

Clemson Tigers fall short in Coral Gables

The OP Stat(s) of the Game: Jack McClinton 3-3, 3pg from the right-side. 1, high ankle sprain, Trevor Booker.

So we lost to Miami. Again. 3-3 in the ACC, locked in a four-way tie for fourth.
Our morale and execution seem to have left us. Somewhere, maybe on the floor against UNC, or subsequently against UNCC, we lost our drive and confidence.

Now, we have lost our inside presence, Trevor Booker. We have a man with one hand, another with too much hair, and now another with the use of just one leg.

How can we expect to win like this?
Per yesterday's game, I know many want to blame TO for the lost. However, we were man-handled, beaten, and out-hustled on the boards. Yes, Booker was out, but what about anyone else?

And why was Stitt not in the game at the end? He had been playing well throughout; he was drawing fouls; he hit what would have been a 3pt shot, but his foot was on the line. He did all he was asked to do.

To be fair, Jack McClinton was broke from 3pt range until he jumped into the zone. He finished 4-11 on 3pfg, but could have easily been 1-11.

I had a bad feeling about this game from the beginning. They out-played us and won, deservedly. We never stepped up as was needed.

Next we have to play BC on 2/2- at least the game is at home. Hopefully, Booker's injury will improve as the game is nearly a week away.

OP? Where is the intensity? Sustainability and continued drive are what we need.

Time to play some Double Dribble to take my mind off the game.

Go Tigers!


Anonymous said...

how is booker doing?
when is he expected back?

/jkesterson. said...

The X-ray results were negative. He is listed as questionable for the BC game.