Friday, January 25

Clemson Tigers headed down A1A to visit Miami

(Beachfront Avenue!)

OK, they flew.
But still, a lame VanillaIce reference is always worth it.

So, the Tigers hit the road for the first time in a while. They will be alternating quite a bit over the course of the next 10 games, as 7 of those are away.

As for last game against Wake, I should have given the OP stat of the game to Perry. As, "it was the first time Perry has scored in double figures in an ACC game since his sophomore year."

I credit it to the removal of his undershirt. He wore it all last year. Shirts are good for defense, but not much else.

About Sunday's game, does anyone remember about two weeks ago when Miami was ranked?

They seemed to have hit a rough patch, losing three in a row, including a loss to NCSU. Of which, I can only say, I guess the wolfpackers took care of their home court winning 79-77.

Nonetheless, Miami has a true ACC-caliber player in Jack Mclinton and a rising player in James Hicks.

Winning at Miami will not be an easy task. It will be, however, a necessary one.

OP said, "There are going to be times when the best team in our league will struggle."

Let us look past those. And as much as it pains me here at OPHQ, the Tigers need to take advice from Coach K and remember "the most important play of a game is the next play."

Should the Tigers remember this throughout the season, they will continue finish at the top of the league.

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j-blz said...

"quite a while"? what about at duke?